dear santa
Postcard that says “I don’t celebrate Christmas but I would really like if it you got me a time machine this year. life was better in the 90’s.

Sometimes the secrets on Postsecret are my secrets too. I would give a lot to go back in time and make a few changes, and while those changes are spread out over my life, one of the biggies happened in the ’90s.

Of course, life works on a forward trajectory and somehow we all ended up here. So instead I’m working on the ways I would like next year to be different from last.

Still working on my personal list for the new year. But art & kindness are a big part of it.

reading: prep for 2020


I’m using the next 12 days (can you believe it’s just 12 days!) to prepare for the New Year. I’ve looked forward to 2020 for awhile only because I just love the fact that it’s repetitive and alliterative. Like a magic spell, right, where you have to repeat something to make it come true.

One of the things I haven’t been doing is reading as much as I would like. I want to change that in 2020.

And I found this article about a survey that found people who read before bed “According to the survey, bedtime readers slept an additional hour and 37 minutes than those who did not read before bed over the course of a week.” I mean, selling point right there. People said they were happier too.

I mean, of course they were, they’re reading.

Any absolutely amazing books that you’ve read that I should read?

and then 2019 happened & blogging didn’t

cropped-jupe-blue7.jpgOkay, once more, with feeling!

Re-relaunching my blog. My old blog was 35jupiterdrive. It still exists, but is transmuting (transforming) in to a big project. I just loved the name too much not to use it.

35Jupe is more bloggish. But I am out of practice. I miss blogging. I miss other bloggers. I miss the consistency and the kindness and the (yes) slow, considered, intelligence of blogs.

So here we go. 🙂


multiple views of the planet Jupiter, taken by NASA's Juno project. swirls and dots of the surface of the planet.
pictures by NASA’s Juno Project

I’ve been away a long time. 3 years. Maybe more. Before that, I had blogged for 8 or 10 years, give or take. 

I have some ideas about where we’ll go together. Art for sure. Behind the curtain of a major project for sure. Lots of other things, for sure. 

Oh, and Harry will be here, for those of you who know Harry. And those of you who don’t will definitely meet him. 

Welcome, friends old & new. I’m happy to see you. 

Oh, and my temporary header picture is from Nasa’s Project Juno